Communion on the Rocks is led by Hull’s Premier Praise & Worship band, theREIGN, and Revd Andrew Simpson, vicar of approximately 25% of Holderness (or something), and is a Communion service for those who like their praise songs to feature loud guitars, driving bass and no (well, not many) drum solos.

The service retains the traditional Anglican Eucharist’s beautiful liturgy (spoken and shouted) but fuses it with theREIGN’s original music, popular worship songs and a smattering of classic and modern rock motifs from the likes of Queen, Nirvana, Blur and Fleetwood Mac to create something lively and very modern.

It is Holy Communion for the 21st Century … the Battlestar Galactica of Worship, if you will … a new, exciting and powerful worship experience that nevertheless refuses to let go of all the things that have made celebrating the Eucharist an amazing thing for the last 2,000 years.

REv4 “Taking The Step” in full flow at St Barnabas, Swanland in February 2011. Photo by Mark Kensett

theREIGN’s signature song “I Love The Rain”, from RE8 at New Wine Inspire, in August 2017

Graham Kendrick’s “We Believe”, from the REv2 showcase held at St Aidan’s Church, Hull in May 2009

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