Server Move Completed

For anyone who has been experiencing “interesting” happenings over the last 24 hours, we have taken the opportunity to move the site to a new webhost, which has entailed picking up that database and files and shifting them lock, stock and barrel to a new server.

As the site was previously run from a sub-folder on theREIGN’s main site, and is now a completely separate entity, this created a little consternation but, thanks to the tireless work of Tim Canty, the site is now completely up and running in its new home and without losing any of the content. In fact, if I hadn’t just told you it had moved, you might never have noticed.

The new setup gives us a little more flexibility and, as I say, separates it from theREIGN’s site which should make life a little easier in keeping track of developing the two sites along different lines.

As always, let us know if anything doesn’t work the way you expect it to and feedback on the RE events themselves as they take place. It is always good to get comments, good and bad, as these all help us to make these events better and better.

Every blessing,

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